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Lawrence I. Kahn was born in 1921 in New York City. He received a B.A. from the University of Alabama, and an M.D. from Louisiana State University. He completed his residency at St. Louis City Hospital No. 1, before working at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for two years. Kahn was accepted into Washington University’s postgraduate program in the Department of Pediatrics as a Fern Waldman Research Fellow, where he worked in the field of pediatric cardiology.

Kahn established a private practice in St. Louis, but returned to Washington University full-time in 1979 to become the medical director of the Medical Care Group (MCG), an experimental prepaid group practice which paired university-affiliated physicians with patients from independent local practices.


An interview of the Washington University Medical Center Desegregation History Project, conducted by Edwin W. McCleskey and associates, 1990. Approximate Length: 35 minutes.

Please note that the interview transcript was edited by Dr. Kahn into an essay format and so there is some discrepancy between the audio recording and final transcript.

Lawrence Kahn discusses his memories of Park Jerauld White, a pediatrician who served as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Washington University Medical School and the Director of Pediatrics at Homer G. Phillips Hospital.

Kahn describes White’s professional practice, which Kahn joined, and White’s care for his patients. He relates White’s experiences at Harvard University and later the relationship White had with his family. Kahn then discusses White’s role at Homer G. Phillips Hospital. He also relates the role David Goldring and Alexis Hartmann played in desegregating St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and comments on the segregated ward for Black patients at Children’s Hospital, the Butler Ward.


Washington University Medical Center Desegregation History Project


Bernard Becker Medical Library Archives


Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, Missouri

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Lawrence I. Kahn Oral History Audio