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December 22, 2022



Background and Review of Literature: Opioid consumption, addiction, and narcotic-related deaths are a prevalent public health issue in the United States. Opioids are often administered throughout the perioperative period, and their utilization can lead to unwanted side effects and negative patient outcomes. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are strategically placed in hospital systems; these clinicians may advocate for the responsible administration of opioids and utilize multimodal pain strategies.

Purpose: This project assessed the knowledge and attitudes of CRNAs before and after the implementation of an educational program based on the prevention of operative pain, multimodal approaches, and the perioperative use of opioid versus nonopioid medications. The goal was to improve the integration and utilization of multimodal analgesia among CRNAs.

Methods: Pre- and post-surveys were used to examine the knowledge and attitudes on perioperative pain management and multimodal analgesia. Both quantitative and qualitative data was collected.

Implementation/Procedure: A virtual educational program was carried out in October 2021. During this time, pre- and initial post-survey data was collected. Approximately two weeks later, in November 2021, an additional post-survey was implemented.

Implications/Conclusion: The knowledge of CRNAs significantly improved after the implementation of the educational program; moreover, CRNAs were more likely to incorporate multimodal analgesia into their practice after undergoing the education. Multiple barriers to the utilization of multimodal analgesia were identified. This project demonstrates an increased need for multimodal analgesia education and nonopioid optimization in the perioperative setting.


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Walsh, Robert CRNA (Chair) Barnes Jewish College, Goldfarb School of Nursing

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Otey, Tamara PhD, RN (Committee Member) Barnes Jewish College, Goldfarb School of Nursing

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