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Dr. Ferrell begins with her personal introduction to the need for palliative care and hospice from her experience working as a nurse in adult oncology. She describes how she stood alone in her quest to delivery better quality end of life care and decided to pursue her PhD in order to supply the data needed for this emerging field. After years of research and practice Dr. Ferrell joined forces with other hospice and palliative care leaders to expand the field or research and practice to pediatric medicine. She explains how she was drawn to pediatric palliative care and the need for specialization within the field of research. She explains the advancements that have taken part in pediatric palliative care over the past ten years as the specialization has gained greater attention. Dr. Ferrell then goes on to describe some of the changes and challenges presented to pediatric palliative care, citing health policy to be one of the greatest barriers. Finally, Dr. Ferrell describes her greatest successes and her aspiration for all clinicians receive training on palliative care before entering into practice.


Pediatric Palliative Care Oral History Project


Bernard Becker Medical Library, Washington University in St. Louis