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Digital Commons@Becker is a digital repository for hosting the scholarly work created at Washington University School of Medicine and enhancing its visibility and accessibility to scholars, researchers, and the public. Administered and maintained by the Bernard Becker Medical Library, Digital Commons@Becker provides groups, departments, centers, divisions, or programs at the School of Medicine with a platform for creating customized collections that reflect the wide range of their scholarly output.

Collections can include journal articles, meeting abstracts, capstones, research papers, poster presentations, newsletters, videos, sound files, and more. Digital Commons@Becker also includes a SelectedWorks Gallery, a collection of personal author pages that highlight the scholarship of individual authors.

For more information about creating a Digital Commons@Becker collection or SelectedWorks site, please visit the “FAQ” section or contact Bob Engeszer or Amy Suiter at the Becker Medical Library.