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National Institute on Aging (1 R01 AG057680-01A1)

Healthy Aging and Senile Dementia Program Project (P01 AG03991)

Knight Alzheimer Disease Research Center (P30 AG066444)

Antecedent Biomarkers for AD: the Adult Children Study (P01 AG026276)

Paula C. and Rodger O. Riney Fund

Daniel J. Brennan MD Fund


This dataset contains measures of loneliness, anxiety, and depression from a cross-sectional study conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Older adults responded by either phone or email surveys. Variables include self-report measures of psychosocial symptoms - loneliness, anxiety, and depression.


Loneliness, Alzheimer Disease, Preclinical Alzheimer Disease, COVID-19

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Kehrer-Dunlap A, Bollinger R, Chen SW et al. Higher amyloid correlates to greater loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review]. F1000Research 2022, 11:1134