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Download Part 02, pages 018-058. Faculty of the Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Students (Class of 1912, 1913, 1914, and 1915) and Special Students (3.0 MB)

Download Part 03, pages 059-078. Law School Faculty and Law School Students (Class of 1912, 1913, and 1914). (1.5 MB)

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Download Part 06, pages 125-144. Art School Faculty, Art School Students, Shaw School of Botany Administration and Students, School of Social Economy Administration and Students, and Prominent Alumni. (1.7 MB)

Download Part 07, pages 145-178. Athletics, Football, List of "Wearers of the W," Basketball, Track, Class Athletics, Women's Athletics, and Women's Basketball. (2.9 MB)

Download Part 08, pages 179-228. Organizations, the Glee Club Quartet, Glee Club, Choir, Mandolin Club, Student Council, Woman's Organization, Y.W.C.A., Women's Athletic Association, Graduate Students' Club, Washington University Athletic Association, Civics Club, Thyrsus, Quadrangle Club, Les Causeuses, Debating Club, Government Club, Chess and Checker Club, Washington University Architectural Society, Collimation Club, American Institute of Electrical Engingeers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Kakodyl Klub, Student Life, the Hatchet Board, and University Publications. (4.2 MB)

Download Part 09, pages 229-280. Secret Societies, Pralma, Thurtene, Lock and Chain, and Obelisk, Fraternities Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Beta Theta Pi, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu, Theta Xi, Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi, Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Pi, Phi Delta, Chi Zeta Chi, Xi Psi Phi, Delta Sigma Delta, Acacia Club, and Sigma XI and Sororities Kappa Alpha Theta, Pi Beta Phi and Kleo. (4.0 MB)

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Washington University Publications


Bernard Becker Medical Library Archives


Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, Missouri

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The Hatchet, 1913