The Center for History Of Medicine (CfHOM) of the Washington University School of Medicine was established in 2010. The facility, on the sixth floor of the Bernard Becker Medical Library on the campus of the School of Medicine, opened in 2011.

Since that time, the CfHOM has engaged in many activities at both the School of Medicine, the Danforth Campus of the University, and the scholarly community at large. The CfHOM offers three different “Selective” courses for the first year medical students which have been well attended and received. The CfHOM has presented 43 Historia Medica lectures, about 6 to 8 a year, open to the University and general community. The CfHOM actively collaborates with the Archives and Rare Books Department and staff to serve scholars interested in the history of medicine and science. The CfHOM is increasing its affiliation with the scholars on the Danforth Campus.

The CfHOM hopes that its publications on the Digital Commons of the Becker Medical Library will offer its scholarly output to other interested persons for their edification and enjoyment.

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