Program Director: Dr. Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH, FAFPHM; Deputy Director: Dr. Kate Wolin, ScD

Master of Population Health Sciences

The Washington University School of Medicine’s Master of Population Health Sciences (MPHS) degree program provides clinicians and clinical doctorates with advanced population health research methods training. MPHS students establish a wide network of mentors and collaborators by interacting with Washington University medical and public health faculty who are renowned for their teaching, patient care and ongoing cutting-edge research around the world. The MPHS degree can be obtained in as few as ten months, which allows a student to easily integrate the training into a clinical career, including during medical school, after residency or during fellowship. The WUSM MPHS program is one of a few in the country and one of the only in the Midwest that offers population health sciences training for clinicians.

Additional highlights include:

Strong set of required research methods courses –The quantitative curriculum emphasizes the role of epidemiology and biostatistics in approaching clinical effectiveness and outcomes research.

Practical applied coursework – The MPHS does not require a research thesis/capstone. Instead, the program makes innovative use of applied coursework to focus on the long-term application of skills. Using topics relevant to their careers and interests, the applied coursework allows MPHS students to practice the art of developing research study protocols, performing systematic reviews, designing epidemiologic studies and more. By developing these skills across a thematic research area of interest, students are well positioned to apply their training to future studies as their careers advance.

Focused concentrations – Four concentration options (Clinical Epidemiology, Health Services, Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Sciences, and Quantitative Methods) allow students to further hone their population health research skills to match clinical interests.

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