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ncomms10474-s1.pdf (4213 kB)
Supplementary Figures 1-10, Supplementary Methods and Supplementary References

ncomms10474-s2.xlsx (25 kB)

ncomms10474-s3.xlsx (11 kB)
Sampling locations, sex, sample volumes and DNA concentrations of the 29 re-sequenced great tits

ncomms10474-s4.xlsx (8 kB)
The pairwise FST values for five sample sites. EU samples exclude samples from Spain, Estonia and France individuals

ncomms10474-s5.xlsx (39 kB)
Chromosomal locations of sweep areas, along with their summed composite likelihood ratio (CLR) score from the SweepFinder analysis.

ncomms10474-s6.xlsx (17 kB)
Results of an enrichment test conducted for GO terms associated with the genes found from selective sweep and that were positively selected by using human orthologs (a and b) and chicken orthologs (c and d). From the random gene set test, the GO term groups appeared no more than three times except for phosphatidylinositol-mediated signalling GO group which appeared seven times.

ncomms10474-s7.xlsx (8 kB)
Species from which EGR1 sequences were obtained.

ncomms10474-s8.xlsx (8 kB)
The amount of RNA reads before and after filtering done by Fastq-Mcf.

ncomms10474-s9.xlsx (9 kB)
Repeat content of the great tit genome identified by RepeatMasker

ncomms10474-s10.xlsx (10 kB)
Chromosome wide diversity estimates (measured as Watterson's θ) from 29 birds (called with ANGSD) and from the reference bird ABEL (called with Platypus). The ratio of the two diversity estimates per chromosome is given along with the Spearman correlation coefficient of per chromosome diversity (measured in sliding windows of size 50 kb).

ncomms10474-s11.xlsx (10 kB)