Submissions from 2014


Progress in research on Tourette syndrome, Kevin J. Black, Joseph Jankovic, Tamara Hershey, Kevin St. P McNaught, Jonathan W. Mink, and John Walkup

Submissions from 2013


Spatial reorganization of putaminal dopamine D2-like receptors in cranial and hand dystonia, Kevin J. Black, Abraham Z. Snyder, Jonathan W. Mink, Veeral N. Tolia, Fredy J. Revilla, Stephen M. Moerlein, and Joel S. Perlmutter


ANKK1, TTC12, and NCAM1 polymorphisms and heroin dependence: Importance of considering drug exposure, Elliot C. Nelson, Michael T. Lynskey, Andrew C. Heath, Naomi Wray, Arpana Agrawal, Fiona L. Shand, Anjali K. Henders, Leanne Wallace, Alexandre A. Todorov, Andrew J. Schrage, Nancy L. Saccone, Pamela A.F Madden, Louisa Degenhardt, Nicholas G. Martin, and Grant W. Montgomery


A fixed-dose randomized controlled trial of olanzapine for psychosis in Parkinson disease, Michelle J. Nichols, Johanna M. Hartlein, Meredith G.A Eicken, Brad A. Racette, and Kevin J. Black

Submissions from 1999


On the efficiency of stereologic volumetry as commonly implemented for 3D digital images, Kevin J. Black