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Figure and Figure Supplements.pdf (9082 kB)
elife-56095-fig1-data1-v2.pdf (1078 kB)
Western blot showing expression ofpMX-NEMOWT(NM) andpMX-NEMOmutants (NM-K270A, NEMO-D304N and NM-K319A).

elife-56095-fig1-data2-v2.xlsx (13 kB)
qPCR analysis for OC marker genes.

elife-56095-fig1-data3-v2.xlsx (10 kB)
RelA-luciferase activity.

elife-56095-fig2-data1-v2.xlsx (14 kB)
MicroCT analysis of bone from NM-WT and NM-KA mice.

elife-56095-fig2-data2-v2.xlsx (10 kB)
Serum concentration of TRAP and CTX.

elife-56095-fig3-data1-v2.xlsx (27 kB)
Serum concentration of cytokines from NM-WT and NM-KA mice measured by ELISA

elife-56095-fig3-data2-v2.xlsx (12 kB)
Representative qPCR analysis for OC marker genes

elife-56095-fig3-data3-v2.pdf (1078 kB)
Representative western-blot of p65 (phos-p65/p65 ratio) post RANKL stimulation in BMMs from NM-WT and NM-KA mice.

elife-56095-fig4-data1-v2.pdf (324 kB)
Western blot for LC3 using WES (protein simple).

elife-56095-fig4-data2-v2.xlsx (14 kB)
Quantification of LC3+ cells.

elife-56095-fig4-data3-v2.xlsx (10 kB)
LC3-GFP FACS analysis.

elife-56095-fig5-data1-v2.xlsx (13 kB)
NEMO-puncta quantification.

elife-56095-fig6-data1-v2.xlsx (280 kB)
Proteomic data from immunoprecipitated lysates from NM-WT compared with NM-KA BMMs.

elife-56095-fig6-data2-v2.pdf (679 kB)
Western blots for ISGylated proteins and free ISG15 in response to RANKL treatment.

elife-56095-fig6-data3-v2.xlsx (9 kB)
Osteoclast quantification from WT and ISG15-KO in vitro cultures.

elife-56095-fig7-data1-v2.xlsx (13 kB)
quantification of TRAP positive OCs.

elife-56095-fig7-data2-v2.xlsx (7903 kB)
LC3-GFP FACS analysis

elife-56095-fig7-data3-v2.xlsx (7914 kB)
Quantification of TRAP positive OCs.

elife-56095-fig7-data4-v2.xlsx (7920 kB)
Quantification of LC3 positive puncta in pre-OC cells shown in Figure 7—figure supplement 1.

elife-56095-fig7-data5-v2.pdf (688 kB)
Western blot for LC3 expression in preOC expressing different NEMO and ISG15 constructs.

Transparent Reporting Form.docx (246 kB)